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 Castle Siege: War of the Guilds

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Castle Siege: War of the Guilds Empty
PostSubject: Castle Siege: War of the Guilds   Castle Siege: War of the Guilds I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 2:59 am

*Note: This requires about 200k-1mil, depending on the amount of guilds participating.*

Objectives (Attackers)
Capture the Enemy Warchief
Capture the Enemy's Citadel

Objectives (Defenders)
Kill all Attackers
Resist for 20 minutes

1) When an attacker dies, they may nor respawn unless ressurected. When a defender dies, they may go to a Rez point and transport back to the castle, which may or may not be possible, depending on the current situation. (You dont want to tele into the castle as a defender and end up right in the middle of the attackers if they have managed to break the gate down)

Each guild must pick a team: Defenders or attackers. Defenders position their troops the way they want in the castle, such as on the towers, and the attackeers wait by the bridge. When the defenders are ready, they will shout, and begin the assault.

When the attackers reach the gate, they will be met with resistance. Because the game doe not accept gate locking at this time, the attackers must pick a person to "break down" the gate. That player must type a countdown from 30 (30 enter, 29, enter, etc.) If they do not die by the time the countdown is over, the gate is "broken down" and remains open for the rest of the battle.

When the outer walls are breached, the attackeers must alow the defenders to retreat to the keep, and shut the gates. Then, naother 30 seconds must go by, and the gates must be opened as before.

When the inner gates are "broken down", the defenders are allowed to make a stand while their leader retreats to the "Citadel" (The top floor) while the remaining soldiers fight.

The game ends when the leader dies or the Citadel is empty and the Attackers fill it.

IMPORTANT! Each guild that is playing is required to declare a war against the opposing guild. Be sure to inform other guildmates not taking part in the game!

Also, it CAN NOT be done via PK mode! This will cause damage to your armor/weapons upon death!
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Castle Siege: War of the Guilds
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