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PostSubject: TESTERS NEEDED   TESTERS NEEDED I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 9:55 am

I need your help on testing and balancing my addon for the Battle For Wesnoth.

To help follow these steps:

1: Go to and download the newest version
2: Install the game
3: Start the game
4: Go to Add-ons
5: Find my addon, "The War of Terrador" in the list and install
6: PLAY THE TUTORIAL SO YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY WESNOTH. You can't help me test if you don't know how to play!
7: Post here that you are ready and waiting.
8: I will get on specific times and days, mostly weekends onto the Multiplayer server. Simply find me, PM me, and we will play a game to balance TWoT

WARNING WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD 1.9.0: (If there is a newer version out {ex: 1.9.1}, download that and ignore the below information)

*Taken from official forum page*

Known Issues (to be fixed in the next release)
* It is currently not possible to connect to the official multiplayer server using join official server (this currently leads to the game crashing). Instead you have to click on join server and enter in there. Reported as bug #16502

TESTERS NEEDED Righteye------------------TESTERS NEEDED Lefteye
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