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 Sunday, August 15 RP session

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PostSubject: Sunday, August 15 RP session   Sunday, August 15 RP session I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 12:26 am

Hey guys, been playing RP with some friends of mine. They are pretty cool people, and decided to have some fun with my RP. Also, they even allowed me to create a log of our session so other people can read it when they want and check it out.

The Worldmaster (Me) is abbreviated WM.

WM: The three of you open your eyes, and look around. You can see you are at the top of a high cliff, with a large stone door carved with dragons behind you. The drop is about 500 feet; and you can see no handholds. You can, however, see the remains of a rope bridge on the edge of the cliff.

Draco: Interesting. I look around for anything more to see. What is there?

WM: You see that the cliff is about twenty feet wide, and about ten feet from the door to the edge of the cliff itself. The carved dragon heads jut out from the door itself.

Dylach: I take the remains of the rope bridge. Who knows, some rope might come in handy later.

WM: Alright. (WM Note: Char: Dylach. Pack: +3 ropes, 20 feet length each)

Demio: I wanna see if there is anything dealing with nature around. I wanna talk to them. :3

Draco: Idiot. We are on a cliff edge! Why would there be anything dealing with nature here?

WM: Enough. Demio looks around, but the only natural thing he can see from the cliff are some birds flying high in the sky above you.

Dylach: Alright guys, we need to figure out either how to get in the doors or get down from here. Worldmaster, I assume the doors are much too heavy for any of us to move alone?

WM: Indeed. The doors do not bodge, even from a combined effort among the three of you.

Draco: Looking at the door, I pund my fist into the ground, and shout "Fireblaze"

Dylach: No! You idiot!

WM: The ground around you begins to melt, sending parts of the cliff falling down into the valley below. The ground is starting to crumble where the three of you are standing.

Dylach: Damnit, Draco. I take the ropes and quickly tie it around the heads of the stone dragons.

Demio: I grab the rope when he finishes tying it!

Draco: Damn. Alright, I leap into the air and grab the other dragon's head.

WM: Dylach and Demio grab the rope and hold on as the cliff crumbles beneath their feet. Draco leaps onto the head of the other dragon, kneeling and expertly keeping his balance.

Draco: Sweet. I reach over and start cutting the cord of the rope that is holding them up. Heh, good bye, you two.

WM: The rope starts slicing cleanly, causing Dylach and Demio to start falling.

Dylach: Damnit Draco! Not funny! I drop the rope and try to grab the dragon;s head before the rope is cut fully. I make sure to grab Demio too.

WM: You manage to grab Demio with no problem, but your hand slips, and the two of you start falling.

Draco: Bye bye!

Dylach: Shit. I look around as we fall. Is there anything I can grab on to?

WM: The speed at which you are falling makes it so you cannot see anything on the side of the cliff.

Demio: I try calling out to the birdies!

WM: The birds hear you uncannily fast, and plunge down in a free fall towards you. You can see that they are not birds at all, but Wyrms, a cousin to dragons.

Dylach: Oh, great. Now we are gonne be Wyrm food. Thanks, Demio!

Demio: I sowwy...

WM: The Wyrms, instead of grabbing you with their talons, fly underneath the two of you, causing you o land easily on their backs. the Wyrms look at the two of you for a moment, then squawk.

Draco: You have got to be kidding me.

Dylach: Sweet. direct my Wyrm to fly back to Draco. When I get there, I punch him, as hard as I can.

WM: ROLL. (Dylach Str: 9) (Draco Agility: 4) 9-4= 5 You roll a 12, more than enough to hit him square on the jaw. The punch sends Draco falling, much like you where.

Draco: Damnit. I start transforming.

WM: The power of the dragon surges through you, causing your skin to become pure crimson red. Scales start to sprout over your body and tear your clothing off in a matter of moments. Suddenly, with a great RIP the remains of your tunic is ripped off as giant wings. leathery and hard, sprout from your back. ROLL. (Draco Str: Cool Roll= 12. You manage to bite down hard on your tounge to keep from screaming from the pain, but the wings grow and sprout behind you.

Draco: Alright! Now I spread them and fly back up!

WM: You fly up next to the two others. Suddenly, you see the doors begin to shake, and open.

Draco: Just as I thought. The doors where pressure sensitive. See? They would only open when you apply pressure on the heads and then remove the pressure.

Dylach: Fine, but next time tell us. That wasn't funny at all.

Draco: If you had died, it would have meant you where a detriment to the party. You and that... THING. I don;t trust either of you, I just want to find the relics in the temple itself.

Dylach: Wait, what? Temple?

Draco: This is a temple of my people, the Dracons. I recognize the carvings anywhere. After the humans and elves forced us from our homes, a lot of these temples where abandoned, leaving behind centuries of wealth and knowledge inside. I hope to get rich from this little foray.

Demio: We gunna be rich! Yay!

Draco: No, not you, ME. You guys can take any small value things we find, but the major relics are mine by birthright.

Dylach: Birthright?

Draco: No, nevermind. I misspoke. Just meant to say that the major relics in there are mine, and ONLY mine. I go ahead and enter.

WM: Dragon lands on the now-open doorstep and walks inside.

Demio: I fowwo!

Dylach: Same.

WM: The two of you dismount, and enter the threshold.

That was as far as we got. Just so all of you know, those three are helping me test two new races I am adding in, and are also featured in my novel. They are as follows:


Making their homes on Dragon Idle in the forest, Neiradans are a race of peace loving cat-people. Often hated by other races as they have some very strange customs (One of which states that any male that becomes pack leader becomes "Master" of all females in the tribe) their tribal ways have been present since the Great Wars, something that all races seek to end and bring them to their "Civilized" ways.

An odd fact about Neiradans is that they have the ability to turn into their more "primitive" selves at will, turning from a humanoid with catlike features to a large panther-like cat at will.

However, Neiradans are actually for more sophisticated than others believe, and have massive temples and underground hidden villages in the trees of the forests on Dragon Isle. It is said that Neiradans have the ability to communicate with nature far better than any other race, even the Woodelves themselves.

Neiradan children are uncommon, as pure-bred Neiradans have a gestation period of three years, and are also very rare. Most Neiradan children grow up in foster care, or should I say "Master-care" While hated by most races, Neiradan children are normally stolen and kept as slaves by rich people. Female slaves eventually become rich people's "Toys."


Dracons are an unusual race in that they are not a race at all, but rather a collective. Any species can be a Dracon, and any gender. Dracons are those gifted with the ability to turn into half-dragons, smaller than other dragons and without the ability to breathe fire. The transformation is very painful, and most Dracons prefer to use it only when they are in dire need.

Dracons are an almost extinct race as they where hunted to the point of extinction by Elvish and Human hunters desiring their skins, which have the ability to turn into dragon-mail at the wearer's demand. Even to this day Dracon's skins are coveted in the black market, leading many Dracons to live lonely and reclusive lives with little friends or family.

Dylach is a Human
Age: 22

Draco is a Dracon
Age: 210 (21 in human terms)

Demio is a Neiradan
Age: 15

Each of them have their own backstory I gave to them. From having them play, I have seen that they fit the parts perfectly. I will leave the character cards in my hands, but anyone that wishes to read their stats just say in a post.

Sunday, August 15 RP session Righteye------------------Sunday, August 15 RP session Lefteye
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PostSubject: Re: Sunday, August 15 RP session   Sunday, August 15 RP session I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 1:51 am

affraid Put a warning at the top of that post holy shit! So long pale

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PostSubject: Re: Sunday, August 15 RP session   Sunday, August 15 RP session I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 10:22 pm

That is awesome! I look forward to reading more of these RP sessions.
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Sunday, August 15 RP session Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sunday, August 15 RP session   Sunday, August 15 RP session I_icon_minitime

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Sunday, August 15 RP session
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