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 Uber autocombat system

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PostSubject: Uber autocombat system   Uber autocombat system I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 25, 2010 10:45 pm

I have heard people using the uber autocombat system (or something close to that) and i have had no luck with it getting to work, or knowing what to do to get the combat system. So if someone would be so kindly and let me know how to get it to work that would be awesome of u.
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PostSubject: Re: Uber autocombat system   Uber autocombat system I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 6:47 pm

I know ver used an autocombat addon at one point idk if he still does or what the name of it was but he would be a good person to ask

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PostSubject: Re: Uber autocombat system   Uber autocombat system I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 3:09 pm

I still use it. The fanupdate fixed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Uber autocombat system   Uber autocombat system I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 3:08 am

Important: For the latest information about this addon (and for assistance from the author), please read the official addon thread: [AddOn] UberFlex AutoCombat System

Disclaimer: this guide is not official and may not always reflect the latest changes to the UFACS addon (but I'll certainly try to keep it current).

Use: feel free to use this guide in any way you want. I would appreciate credit for taking the time to write it though

The simplest way to install UFACS and keep it updated is to install and use the third-party program Curse Client, available on the website. However, I will explain how to install it manually here.
Click the "Download" button on the addon's webpage on
Download the file to a location you can remember.
Open the downloaded file using an archive utility, such as 7zip or WinRAR.
Extract the folder contained within the archive to the "Interface\Addons" subfolder of your Runes of Magic Installation.
Note: The current version of Curse Client loads advertisements and provides slow downloads and one-by-one updating unless you pay for their "premium" service. For this reason I have changed the installation section of the guide.
When you launch your game, you will notice an icon that says "UF AutoCS". This means the addon is installed! Great! Now what?

To open the configuration panel, double-left-click on the icon or type "/acsconfig" into chat. The panel consists of four buttons at the top, which I will for the purpose of this guide refer to as tabs.

There is also a "?" button which toggles the display of the current tab's help menu. Switching tabs changes which help window is displayed.
Additionally, there is an "X" button that shows a picture showing the skill bar slot numbering scheme. This will be useful for setting up your script.
This is the most complex of the tabs. The purpose of this tab is to hold the series of skills you wish to use when the addon is running.

Let's take a look at the contents of this tab.

At the top right, there are three separate profiles you can configure: PvE1, PvE2, and PvP. To switch profiles, click the box to the left of the profile you want to activate.

The next part of the window is the spell configuration. Let's break the line up into it's components, moving left-to-right.

First is the "Use" box.
Checking the box will activate the current line, so it will be used as a skill when UFACS is active.
Unchecking the box will deactivate the current line, so it will NOT be used as a skill when UFACS is active.
The next part is a text field called "Spell" where you can type in the name of the spell you put there. This box is mainly so you can remember what skill you had there if you don't want to repeatedly compare the slot number to your skill bar. Note that this does not replace the slot number as a source for your skill, so make sure you put the proper skill bar slot into the "Slot" box.

More about the "Slot" box:
To use a skill, it must be on your skill bar. Place the skill you want to use in one of the empty boxes on your skill bar.
Figure out which slot your skill is on and type that number into the box (valid numbers are 1 to 80; see the picture by clicking the "X" button for assistance).

Note: I am awaiting confirmation on whether or not the "Check" fields work how I have explained below. For the moment, please use the aforementioned section as a rough reference.

The next part consists of the fields "Check 1" and "Check 2", and the two "Cast?" check-boxes between them. The two fields allow you to type the name of a (de)buff on either yourself or your target as a method of preventing wasted casts.

Each field should contain only one (de)buff. I will explain how the "Cast?" boxes work after the following details about the "Check" fields.
By default, the field checks for a (de)buff on your target. You can change this behavior by prepending a '!' character to the start of the (de)buff.
For example:
"Wave Armor" looks for buff "Wave Armor" on target
"!Wave Armor" looks for buff "Wave Armor" on yourself.
Be sure to type the name in exactly as it appears in the debuff tooltip.
check the name of the debuff on a low-level monster before you use UFACS to make sure you have the right debuff name.
Debuff names aren't always intuitive (For example: Shield of Atonement's debuff is called "Restrained").
If you don't want it to check for a debuff on the monster, delete all text from the field.
You will notice that it is replaced later by "<De/Buff>", but that just means that there is no debuff to be checked-- it is the same as having nothing there.
There are two "Cast?" check-boxes. Each box corresponds to the "Check" field to the left of it. Each box behaves in the same way:
If no debuffs are specified (or the field contains "<De/Buff>"), checking or unchecking the box does nothing. The skill will always be used.
If a single debuff is specified in the field, then the box works as follows.
Unchecking the box has the effect of making the skill NEVER cast when the specified debuff is on the target (Useful for skills like DoTs where recasting them during their duration is wasteful).
Checking the box has the effect of making the skill ONLY cast when the specified debuff is on the target (Useful for skill combos where the current skill does more damage when a previous skill has left it's mark, such as Blind Spot->Low Blow->Wound Attack).
Next is the "HP%" and "MP%" fields, and their respective check-boxes. These are used as another way to control when a skill is used.
HP corresponds to how much HP your target has as a percent.
MP corresponds to how much MP you have as a percent.
Unlike the "Check" fields, these boxes use the '!' character to invert their meaning, but on the same target.
By default, they are interpreted as "at least X%".
Adding a '!' will make them mean "at most X%".
MP[20] means "I have at least 20% MP"
HP[!30] means "target has at most 30% HP"
Both of these fields can be (de)activated by (un)checking the respective check-box.
Finally, there are the "Order" and "Stop" boxes.
Order corresponds to the order in which skills will be read from the configuration.
This allows you to easily change the order if you choose, instead of having to cut-and-paste everything.
Stop, if checked, will cause you to stop moving for the duration of that skill.
This is useful if you have chosen to make your character attack the target with the "Attack slot" option, as your character will continuously run to the target (as if you used the "attack" skill).
It can also be used as a way to make your character cast a skill as soon as they are within range, if you press the "attack" skill when outside of range.

Great, now you know how to put a skill into the Spells window, and configure it to work based on debuffs or the amount of health the monster has left.

Oh no! I don't have enough room to put in all the skills I want! :<

Not to worry! See that little blue diamond on the left of the config window? Clicking and dragging it vertically will show more or hide currently showing lines!

Please note though, that just because a line is hidden doesn't mean that the skill won't be used. Uncheck the "Use" box if you really don't want to use a skill in your rotation.

Hooray, now I can put all my skills in. But what's this other stuff at the bottom?

The remaining options are:
Casting preferences
The slot number of your basic "Attack" skill
The tick rate
Enable/Disable the "UF AutoCS" icon
One Switch/Manual modes
Copying configuration from other profiles
Casting preferences refers to the way you want the addon to go through the list of skills.
In-order will make the addon loop through every line of skills, using them if conditions are met, until the monster dies.
Priority will make the addon go through the skills in the order specified, but will only cast the first skill that meets the requirements of using the skill, then start again from the top of the list (until your target dies).
If a skill has instant cast and no cooldown, you will probably keep casting this skill endlessly in priority mode unless you more fully specify when it shouldn't happen or you place it at the very end of the list of skills to use.
Meeting the requirements means that the skill must have enough mana/energy/rage/focus to be used, you must be within the skill's range, no cooldown time must be remaining, and any (de)buff, health, or MP conditions you specified must be met.

The slot number of your basic attack skill is used to make you run into melee range of your target and maintain this range.
Type in the skill bar slot you have your basic attack skill on.
Check the box if you want to auto-attack and run to your target, uncheck it if you don't want to (for example, rogues, warriors, and knights generally want to, but magicians, preists, and scouts probably would not want to).

The tick rate is the delay in seconds between checking conditions.
The author (os008) recommends keeping the setting between 0.18 and 0.25, depending on your connection.
A larger number decreases the strain on your computer, but makes it check conditions less often.
Try to find a happy balance that works best for you

The "Show animated icon." checkbox will toggle the display of the animated "UF AutoCS" button.
Note that if you hide the button, you will need to open the configuration using "/acsconfig".

The "One switch" and "Manual" checkboxes determine the behavior of the addon.
Checking Manual will require you to manually engage and disengage the addon by typing in "/engage" or "/acs" (or /engage1 or 2, to pick a specific PvE profile) and "/disengage", respectively. The addon will start fighting and only end when the user tells it specifically to do so.
Checking One-switch used to allow you to disengage the addon using the same option as you would to start it. At the time of writing it doesn't seem to do so.
And finally, the "Copy from #" buttons allow you to copy a configuration from one of the other profiles into the current one. This will overwrite what you have in the current profile, so be sure to only click it if you're certain you want to copy it over. PvE1 is "1" PvE2 is "2" and PvP is "3".
Whew! that was a lot! But theres still three tabs to go! Don't worry, these are much easier to understand and use now that you've got the basics of the addon configuration.

This tab is where you put your healing and decursing abilities! It works almost the same as the Skills tab, with a few exceptions:

The layout of the line is a little different:

The box on the far left Enables/Disables the line.
"Slot" is used to put in the number of the slot where you have put the skill you want to cast.
The "Check" field is used for healing skills where a buff is left on your character.
Putting in the name of the buff will result in your character NOT casting the skill on that line if the buff is present.
"at [__]% HP" refers to the amount of HP you have on your character (as a percent). The skill will be used when your HP is at most this percent.
Tick rate still determines how often the addon will check to see if conditions are met.
The little blue diamond is back to shrink/grow your config window if you need more spaces or want to see fewer.
"Cast on others?" is a check-box that will cause you to additionally cast the skill on friendly targets if targeted.
Priest heals and buffs are often appreciated, but make sure not to overwrite buffs players already have (unless yours are better )
Note that the "Enhanced Grace of Life" skill cannot be overwritten by the regular "Grace of Life" skill, so be sure to de-target buffed players or you will constantly spam "Grace of Life".
It is a good idea if severely injured to target yourself to be sure that the addon will heal you.
That wasn't so bad, was it? Onto the next tab!

This tab is where you put in the buffs you want to use on your character.

The box on the far left Enables/Disables the line.
Our friend the little blue dot has returned to resize our list once again
"Slot" is used to put in the number of the slot where you have put the skill you want to cast.
"Check" is used to check for the presence of a buff on yourself before casting said buff again.
If nothing is in the field, it will not check for any buffs and will continuously buff you, wasting your rage/mana/whatever.
Using a '!' will make UFACS look in your debuffs for the specified debuff instead of your buffs.
"combat?" toggles the use of the skill in combat. If checked, you will use the buff during combat.
If unchecked, you will not reapply the buff during a fight.
"only?": This box makes it so the skill will ONLY be used in combat.
However, this box does nothing if "combat? [ ]" isn't checked-- make sure both boxes are checked if you want to use a buff only in combat.
"cast on others?" changes things around a little:
"check [_____]" will now check for the a buff on your target if the target is friendly, otherwise it will check your buffs.
If friendly, it will apply the buff to your target if the buff is not already present.
If nothing is in the field, it will not check for the buff and will continuously buff the target, wasting your rage/mana/whatever.
Using '!' will cause UFACS to for the specified debuff in your target's debuffs instead of their buffs.
All other fields work the same.

That was pretty painless. Onward!

This is the tab where you configure your pots!

The little blue dot isn't here this time, he thinks you're silly for wanting more than two of each kind of potion Razz

The lines for this tab are very simple. They include already seen or intuitive elements, such as:
Enable switch
Slot bar number
Name of the buff to check for so you don't pop another pot before the duration is over (this should be the name of the potion)
The percent of YOUR remaining HP or MP at which to use the potion (look at the description)
Toggle whether to use pots out of battle.
Just make sure you put the correct potions in each section or you'll have some weird results (such as "oh no, I'm out of mana! let's endlessly chug HP pots!")

The tick rate is the same as the others-- checks every N seconds to see what conditions are met.
Now you know how to set up all the tabs! Hooray!

To use the addon, target a mob and type "/acs". This will activate the addon (if not already) and will use the currently checked profile. To temporarily activate a different profile, use /engage1 or /engage2.

Depending on your settings, you'll have to do this every time you want to auto-battle (Manual unchecked), or you'll only have to do this once at game start (Manual checked).

You can completely disable the addon by typing "/acsend".
Q: Holy smokes, my FPS drops to 1 whenever I use this addon! What the eff?
A: If you're sure it's not due to anything else (lag spike, your sibling using P2P programs, etc.), then it would be due to the addon rapidly checking conditions and firing off skills, which requires more processing power. Try increasing the tick rate by 0.05 to 0.10 until it stops doing that.

Q: When it's time to heal me, the addon switches the mouse to a 'cast' form, and I have to click on myself to heal.

A: Please make sure that you have "Self-Cast" checked in the game's "Interface" options. Without that checked, spells always initally assume they will be casted on a target other than yourself.

More to be added as problems and solutions arise.

plagiarism ftw
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PostSubject: Re: Uber autocombat system   Uber autocombat system I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 3:09 am

I'm starting to use it for farming Smile
Verinon, is there a way to turn it on when you get attacked? Is there a way to auto attack?
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PostSubject: Re: Uber autocombat system   Uber autocombat system I_icon_minitime

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Uber autocombat system
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