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 Recently Recover Log (RP)

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PostSubject: Recently Recover Log (RP)   Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:47 am

I found an account of events from meeting the Golden Order to the time i went missing. Main event is the halloween event. Was kinda bored and wanted to type a little bit up.

The lost log,

Day 1

I have decided to keep this log as a record of my accounts with The Golden Order and Verinon.

Today, i was surprised to hear from the Golden Order in regards to forming an alliance. The ShadowLords have always been a solitary group but my close friend assured me that The Golden Order could be trusted. I was a little cautious when I saw Verinon in his armour as he dubbed it the Golden Order Set; i was not ready to trust again after the incident...

Day 2

Supreme Master Verinon, HAH! He is weak, the Shadowlords shall not associate with such weaklings and will not allow our greatness to be tainted by that of those members of the Golden Alliance. I am planning on opting out of this pathetic alliance. Sirbob and i have yet to see what will happen with this.

Day 7

It has been seven days, i have been traveling throughout Ravenfell and its barren lands in search of these mysterious coins. This region of dead plants and damned buzzards known as Ravenfell is filled with deadly traps. Although it is dangerous, i must continue foreward for the sake of my people. I have gained much strength and so has the Shadow Lords. Sirbob would like to now be known as Padamodeum for his enemies around TAborea are closing in and he would like to be hidden for he fears that they may overwhelm him and my troops station in Abandoned fortress. Verinon is weak once again but Padamodeum informs me that a member of his clan, know as Zanthues is in allegance with Verinon and his so-called 'Golden Order'. I am still very skeptical of this and i fear that disaster may result from this as Verinon may try to seize control of my platoon.

Day 8

Zantheus, a strong knight of the order has left Verinon for his kin, Padamodeum and has alligned with Me and my troops. He is a very strong paladin but i do not understand who he is praying to and why. Why do these fools bother? All one needs is a sharp blade and the element of surprise... Padamodeum found a new recruit that seems to be very knowlegable in the art of priesthood. I have a feeling that he will be a great leader some day.

Day 13

Verinon called a meeting for all leaders in his alliance. I wasn't invited. Either was my friend the seer, Jadewolf. It seems that Hitmen and Shadowlords are being ignored by this pompous bastard. I will NOT let him ignore me, i will get back at him.

Dat 22

Days have past and our troops seemed to be isolated from the outer world.

Day 23

Today i have received news from a messanger sent by the mail service in Varanas that my right-hand man Padamodeum has departed from the ways of the battlefield. His maiden insisted that he remain at his household and raise a family. She claimed that it was too dangerous exploring new lands and that it was either her or adventures and he caved.

Day 24

We have received many new recruits from pioneers colony and are growing in epic proportions. Healsftw has been a great helper and the officials decided to make him a co- leader of the squad with me and pylondude. A notable young female joined, and insisted she could handle being out with the monsters. Although she has proved herself on several occasions, she has a lot to learn. Her name is Heid---- something...

dAy 25

Zantheus has left us. Back for The Golden Order. He claimed he will return when he gains more skill but i believe he is lying. I mightve warred with TGO if i hadnt developed such a friendly relationship with a member on their council, Athans. He is much like a rival but still a friend. Jadewolf and I have been helping the citizens of the Weeping Coasts with him and he proves to be an invaluable asset to my team. Also, Kaizermyou and Spiritsong are great. They are very skilled and have much prosperity.

Day 30

All hallows eve is approaching and Verinon claims he has a surprise. My troops are slowly getting better and Heidrun is much stronger now. Another wise man was enrolled today as well, Taipan. He and Heidrun are a great team and i have a feeling that this will help build up my guild.

Day 31

verinon has invited us all to his castle. However many of my troops are attending other celebrations. Myself and another member whom i do not know are the only ones attending. As i arrive Verinon is standing above us on a platform in his castle. Telling us to take off our armor and weapons. I was a little weary at first but as i saw several others doing so, i did the same. One person there had a hard time following directions, Tempest, was the name i believe, She would not take off her equipment and Verinon soon grew impatient. Eventually she took off her armour and we could begin the event. The event: run up to the council chambers and solve a puzzle, then find my friend Athans in the castlegrounds and tell him. The first person to do this would win a power stone. Which is worth 1 million gold pieces at the market. Verinon shouted begin, and i burst out running, many people attacked others but with my speed ad agility i managed to make it upstairs. All of the sudden 6 almighty warriors appeared and slaughtered all that were part of the Order which is Golden. Many people died but the event continued on. I used my sneaking skills and hid from these evil people. Verinon claimed that these warriors known as Gwen, MAdcat, LEgless were possesed by an ancient demon but i payed no attention to them as they were no harm to me. As i snuck the the web of paths in the castle i managed to reach Verinon. He gave me a riddle: What is the beginning of eternity and the end of time and space? This was merely a play on words as he did not mean the concepts, this merry night but the spelling and the grammar. I quickly rushed down the stairs as i heard the screams of people named Sportchase and Kingcecil and above all Verinon telling them to leave his guild alone as Spiritsong grew quiet. I searched for my friend Athans yet he would not reveal himself to me. He ended up being amidst all the death as he was hidden against the walls from me and those possessed evil warriors. I told the answer to Athans and he said it was correct. I immediatley filled with joy and i knew that i would buy many weapons for my troops. The screams still echo in my head as i write this tonight and i feel sick. DRATS! I must have been poisoned by tha--------

Day 1 Month 2

Today the day brought many surprises, one of my elders talked to me and said that Healsftw was preying on our younger warrior Heidi. I immediatly rejected the thought but now i don't know.

Day 3 Month 2
today i was approached by a shifty character who goes by the name of Isolation. He wanted me to join his allegiance with my good friend Jadewolf, who as it seems is already in two alliances, one with TGO as Verinon calls it and with the Elite. I do not play both sides of the stick like that. So as it seemed Verinon payed no attention to me but I heard from others that he was very angry with all the things that are going on, My guild and I slipped out and erased our names on the contracts with some of Heidi's magical potions and such. I immediatly joined Elite in allegiance and we went to kill Agents of the Kaa Guard in the Weeping coasts.

Day 2 Month 2
Isolation seems much more friendly than Verinon ever was. He says that he will spare some of his own wealth to help me.

day 4 Month 2

Isolation is now becoming less welcoming and i am starting to think that he was being nice to trick us into an alliance.

day 6 month 2

I was informed by Taipan that Isolation had been stealing some of my members. I soon contacted Jadewolf and informed him on the situation. I wanted to attack them as soon as possible but Jade said to wait until we were stronger.

Day 10 Month 2

Taipan confronted me again and i suggested that we talk about it together. I immediatly called Dbrown, Healsftw, Taipan, Heidrun and Erionix for a meeting. All of the screaming between partys was deafening and i fear that this may break us apart. During the drama Dbrown left and joined another clan known as the Dawntreaders minutes later. After several minutes of silence, healsftw comes and talks to me and says these words, "One thing you said really hurt." Then he left my guild.

Day 11 Month 2

I woke up this morning forgeting about the screaming and yelling and hate that occured within my guild last night and i payed the price. I looked to see the bulletin board and i see several rants from healsftw. Before i had logged on, more than half of our troops left after seeing the anger healsftw had posted upon publice property. I cannot believe it; one of the members that left was Heidi, she left for the guild that Isolation controled and this made me furious. I couldn't stand this, I could not handle this pressure anymore, too many of my close friends have passed away from me.

Pylondude has taken control of what remains of the shadowlords while blakjak remains missing in the bast lands of Candara. I just hope that my dear friend can return and rebuild shadowlords to what it one was.



If you wanna know what some things actually happened, just ask. Like the poisoned thing at the end of the halloween thing is when i accidentally overdosed on benadryl or w/e its called. I misread the label and took the daily limit, i swear it was an accident. Also, there are some spelling mistakes im sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Recently Recover Log (RP)   Sat Feb 13, 2010 1:15 pm

Nice. Smile
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Recently Recover Log (RP)
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