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 Guide: Tiering up your weapons

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Guide: Tiering up your weapons Empty
PostSubject: Guide: Tiering up your weapons   Guide: Tiering up your weapons I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 2:47 am

Hey dudes,

I'm not in your guild, but I was asked to post a guide here for tiering up weapons -- so here she goes:

Why do it?
Tiering up equipment is useful as each higher tier an item gains, it gets a 10% bonus to either its physical and magical damage, or physical and magical defense. However, it's not smart to tier up your armour, as it's almost always better to use six clean stats.

How do you do it?
This next part will take some basic knowledge of transmuting. If you don't know how to do that, find out first Razz.

Buy a random fusion stone from a vendor in either Varanas or Obsidian Stronghold (~1350 gold?)
Buy a tier 3 (that's important) cloth belt from a vendor in either Obsidian Stronghold, Abandonned Fortress, or Boulderwind Village.
Combine the random fusion stone with the tier 3 cloth belt to make a tier 3 mana stone with 3 green I stats on it.

3 Tier III Manastones = 1 Tier IV Manastone
3 Tier IV Manastones = 1 Tier V Manastone
3 Tier V Manastones = 1 Tier VI Manastone
... etc etc etc

When making the final tier of your weapon, you need THREE of the tiered manastones that you created. This means if you wanted a Tier 6 weapon, you need 3x Tier 6 Manastones. Combine them with the item, and voila! -- Tier 6.

Staff of Admiration Tier 3
Magic Damage Base: 757

Staff of Admiration Tier 4
Magic Damage: 832

Staff of Admiration Tier 5
Magic Damage: 915

Staff of Admiration Tier 6
Magic Damage: 1007

Staff of Admiration Tier 7
Magic Damage: 1108

Staff of Admiration Tier 8
Magic Damage: 1219

*Keep in mind, a Staff of Admiration 101+ Dura or hammered will have 20% bonus on those values!

And that's tiering in a nutshell! The following link explains upgrading equipment, and Section IV focusses on tiering. Taking a look at the spreadsheet that Mavoc created is worth while, if only for the luls.

Shameless plug?
While we're on the subject, I'm willing to farm anyone a Staff of Admiration for the following stats (Dodge X, Stamina IX, Endurance V+500k, Authority V+250k, Rigor V+500k, Fang V, Oppression V) or 2M gold. If you have another offer similiar, why not try and pitch it to me? Razz My in game name is Spaltzer

Hope this helps,
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Guide: Tiering up your weapons
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