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 Instance Runs

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Heaven Knight
Heaven Knight

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PostSubject: Instance Runs   Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:53 am

It's clear to me that we are lacking on Instance Runs at the moment as a guild. I'd like to see us (and Kiya & I are certainly as 'guilty' as any of not running too many) run more because I'm certain that when we lose people, this is a primary cause, particularly among the high levels.

So, some of the instances that I know of that we can run:

Cyclops - 45+, need to get attuned, good equipment drops. I've run this several times before and am confident in doing so again. Requires less than an hour to run, if all goes well.
Kalin Shrine (KS) - Similar to Cyclops, probably a fair bit tougher.
Mystic Altar (MA) - Never run this, but pretty sure it should be well within our reach.
Treasure Trove (TT) - Real pain in the butt to run. Takes 2+ hours, and its pretty tough.
Ice Dwarf Kingdom (IDK) - Also a pain in the butt, but doable. Not sure how long this one would take typically.

We can also do NoM and FA for lower levels, of course.

With the right classes, we can probably do Heart of the Ocean and maybe even Hall of Survivors on Easy. Probably not the later, but we should certainly make that a goal.

Anyways - this is just a general call for folks who need or are willing to run instances to put down what they would like done and when they are generally available. Kiya & I plan to be available for instance runs tonight at either 7 or 8pm CST, and we can also be available on the weekend at some point.

Thanks all! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Instance Runs   Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:35 pm

Instance Difficulty Rating:

Level 10: Barrow Caves
A light run, drops some decent gear for lowbies. No drops if high levels join the run. Only one boss.

Level 20: Logar Windmill
Light and simple, boss can onehit tank if you do not silence. Boss is in 2 forms, runs away after first fight. No drops, only materials to make level 15-25 gear.

Level 25: Forsaken Abbey
The first challenging run, requires an actual tank to take damage off the bosses. Five Bosses.

Level 35: Necropolis of Mirrors
VERY hard without backup. Each of the three Androliers have a special thing they do when reaching a set amount of HP. Shadow splits into copies, Strength casts a spell that onehits anyone around the tank, and the final one has some other nasty feature (Havent killed him in a while). 6 Bosses, three skippable (Androlier bosses are in their own "rooms")

Level 35: Ice Dwarf Kingdom
Easy with backup, hard without. Hundreds of enemies attacking you at once, and they heal. and slow you. and rage. Bosses can onehit even a level 50 if they are not careful. Cook requires a strategy that is difficult to say the least, and if you try tank and spank he onehits tank. 4 Bosses. Last boss is easier than cook. Second boss is hardest (Cook).

Level 40: Mystic Altar
Easy to do with some lvl 50 backup. 4 bosses, first has a dangerous AOE, second is a spellcaster, third spawns guards, and fourth random-charges.

Level 40: Pasper's Shrine
Easy if you know what you are doing. Mobs cast silence circles that prevent spells of anyone standing on them. (I have never finished this instance, never needed to) Unknown bosses.

Level 50: Cyclops Lair
The "Main" endgame of the first Chapter. 6 Bosses, second is hardest, third is 3 bosses at once that gives different loot depending on how you kill them and is easiest. Final boss has 2 stages, make sure to keep OUT of the red orbs.

Level 50: Kaylin Shrine
The first endgame that cannot be done with "Tank and Spank" tactics. Each boss as a different strat. Second boss (A giant turtle) is a reccomended skip; can onehit anyone. (Does 360k damage)

Level 50: Treasure Trove
Pain the the censored ing censored Hundreds of enemies all attacking you at once. Pathetic drops. Only time you should be in here is for Talomo's Memories for 50 elite skills.

Level 50: Ice Dwarf Kingdom REVAMP
Pain the the censored as well. Only come in here for the 50 elites as well. Horrible drops. If you MUST have the skins, just do the level 30 version. Cook is almost impossible. One extra boss is added in; a Fire God. 5 Bosses.

Level 55: Hall of Survivors
Main endgame of Chapter 2. 7 bosses, each very hard. Recommended 35k HP and 50k Def on main tank for a full run. VERY good drops.

Level 55: Lair of the Water Dragon
1 (?) boss. Farming instance similar to Windmill. Drops materials to make very rare items

Level 55: Naga Acropolis (Zuhuridon Stronghold)
Unknown Bosses. Very hard, must kill Naga king Shaarleedah to get in. Drops good gear for stats.

Level 57: Dungeons of Dalanis
Farming instance. Kill first boss fast. 5(?) bosses. Drops very good level 57 purples.

Level 57: Lair of the Demon Dragon
1 (?) boss. Farming instance like LotWD and Windmill. Boss drops materials to make rare accessories.

Level 57: Hall of the Demon Lord
4 (?) Bosses. Very hard difficulty. Demon Lord is final boss, must kill Demon Dragon to get to him. Demon Lord drops the Sword of Fear, best one handed sword in the game.

In the future, who knows? There will be more and more, with increasing difficulty. As always, only people who pay the money will be able to do the later instances.

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Heaven Knight
Heaven Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Instance Runs   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:42 pm

I am almost able to tank for most instances just need t odoa bit more stating on HP. At the moment i am 1 level away from finishing attunement for HoTO. It would go considerably faster if i could get some help farming dailies. Just so everyone knows me and a fellow guildy are trying to get myself a Sword of Fear. He is paying for and stating it and I will pay him with help when he needs it and potions once i get my alchemy up a little bit more. If any sees a Sword of Fear for sale plz let me know.
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Heaven Knight
Heaven Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Instance Runs   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:30 am

Yesterday we got a clops run in, successfully. Thank you Spirit, Mono & Kiya for participating. Sirnoly as well, at least we got him attuned, though we had to call of a second run for siege after the first boss.

Unfortunately the cyclops chainmail chest piece that dropped was accidentally snagged by an overzealous click from a pickup who joined us. However, he showed a lot of class in making up for it by giving me a yellow stat stone. Hopefully we'll have more runs soon - if your around 50, make sure and get attuned for clops!
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PostSubject: Re: Instance Runs   Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:12 pm

Yes please be attuned just attuning 1 person for clops with portal runes was a pain

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Heaven Knight
Heaven Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Instance Runs   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:41 pm

Today (8/1) we ran Treasure Trove (Kiya, Aerlind, Mono, Spirit, Loralyn, Xurgon).

It took a heck of a long time and we wiped to Snow Blake multiple times, but we managed to muddle through it and polish off the quests there for all involved. So in the end? Kinda worth it. But I'm done with TT for a good while!

Mono also got some upgrades, though Spirit laments he got nothing for his scout half.
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PostSubject: Re: Instance Runs   

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Instance Runs
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